Shifted Shadows

By the Sword, Fire and Shield
which only the shifted may rightfully wield
For there is no light, deep into the shadow
and the spirit of your world must no longer follow

And the fallen kingdom comes to your help
when your judgement has been finally dealt
Only those times will uncover your soul
Pure and naked, be it rotten or made out of gold

As to not losing your path in the dark
no matter how foul is your inner soul spark
Bear in mind, for this is of greatest value
You to yourself must always stand true

Be it the hell in the heaven or heaven in hell
Or the heartbreaking sound of eternal knell
For when you will yourself ever betray
Forever lost, without spirit, your world faints that day

Now fight, burn and defend
Rise from the ashes when you have failed
Explore the shadows, strenghten the weak
By the Sword, Fire and Shield


That is the story of most ancient times
reminding strangers of what beneath lies
These sacred lines, true and unchanged
Word after word duly conveyed


Shifted Shadows will be a core story from a world far away, yet ever so close. The name itself comes from the ancient poem, named identically, by the King - the last of the old world. His sudden disappearance is considered a starting point for modern era of life in this world, after which a big part of everyone's lives is changed forever without clear reason. Shifted Shadows is only a core story, that is still being translated from the old native language, bit by bit. This process is lenghty and slow, therefore many daily life stories will be published between the core chapters. These are easy to put down, since talking about it with the Spirit requires less time and energy than translating the old written language. The first view into the world of Shifted Shadows will be published soon. And also this webpage will be updated too.

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